New Knights of the Round Table

A growing collection of new medieval-ish stools, made of oak wood and finished with linseed oil. The cushions are made of second hand cotton and filled with reclaimed coconut, natural rubber and wool (very comfortable). Handmade embroidery with waterfall motifs.

                                                           Pretty Knight, stool

     Pretty Knight,
     stool w coconut cushion and hand embroidery

            Rustic Knight, stool  w coconut cushion, hand embroidered               


                     Dressed up Chubby Knight, stool w coconut cushion, hand embroidered  

                     Important Knight, stool



I am designing and making functional objects for the home. Sometimes also in collaboration with other artists and designers. Many objects are custom made for specific spaces and integrated in spatial projects through ciaoparadise. For an overview of on-demand as well as ready-to-go pieces please contact me here.